Portland Independent Reading Series

SE Southeast Portland Reading Series

Bad Blood Reading Series

Bad Blood Reading SeriesHosts: Zachary Schomburg, Drew Swenhaugen, Joseph Mains
Contact: Through Facebook Page
Description: Bad Blood is an occasional reading series based in SE Portland, Oregon, featuring innovative poets with a national reputation, often accompanied by a local poet and multimedia performance. Held at Work/Sound art space, each reading features a limited edition, hand-made chapbook available only at the event, featuring new work from the readers. There’s always a merch table filled with local journals, beer, chapbooks and collections by the readers for the evening and by local presses.
Location: Worksound Gallery, 88 SE Alder, Portland, OR 97202
Past Performers: Joe Wenderoth, Tony Tost, Danielle Sullivan, Kyle Morton, Noah Eli Gordon, Sommer Browning, Jennifer Denrow.

Website: Bad Blood Reading Series

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If Not for Kidnap Reading Series

If Not for Kidnap Reading SeriesHosts: Donald Dunbar and Jamalieh Haley
Contact: Donald (normalghost@gmail.com); Jamalieh (jamalieh@hotmail.com)
Description: If Not For Kidnap is a living-room listening party focused primarily on real real good poetry and featuring local musicians and bands. Readings happen the last Tuesday of every month at a spacious registered historical home in the southeast. Donald Dunbar and Jamalieh Haley host the event and curate the series. Everyone is welcome, and attendees are encouraged to bring food and drink to share, books to sell, and flyers for shows/concerts/openings/etc. to promote, and to say “hi” to people they don’t know.
Location: 3968 SE Mall St., Apt A, Portland, OR 97202
Past Performers: A. Minetta Gould, Amber Nelson, Zachary Scott Hamilton, David Cooke, Sam Lohmann, Allison Cobb, Joe Hall, Ethan Saul Bull.

Website: If Not for Kidnap Reading Series

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Smalldoggies Reading Series

Smalldoggies Reading Series, PDX logoHosts: Matty Byloos and Carrie Seitzinger
Contact: General Inquiries (smalldoggies@gmail.com)
Description: Smalldoggies Reading Series PDX is a regularly scheduled reading series held  on the second Tuesday night of each month in SE Portland, Oregon. Started in September of 2009, Smalldoggies consistently features the work of 3 featured writers, including poetry, fiction and prose. We also invite one musical guest to open each show, including both acoustic and electric performers across a wide range of musical styles. We often feature Special Guests, both literary and musical, in addition to our regular lineup. To commemorate the performers from past events, we create a limited edition, bi-annual chapbook that includes a single work from each reader to have taken the stage. These are available at each show for $5 until the edition runs out. Because the reading series is held at a bar, we are restricted to 21+ for both performers and attendees.
Location: The Blue Monk, 3341 SE Belmont, Portland, OR 97214
Past Performers: Zach Schomburg, Derrick C. Brown, Robin Romm, Kevin Sampsell, Anis Mojgani, Mindy Netifee, Hannah Pass, Pauls Toutonghi, Tom DeBeauchamp, Ally Harris, Riley Michael Parker, Michael Roberts, Evan J. Peterson.

Website: Smalldoggies Reading Series PDX

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The Switch

The Switch Reading Series, PortlandHosts: Paul G. Maziar, Allison Cobb and Jeremy Okai Davis
Contact: General Inquiries (theswitchpdx@gmail.com)
Description: The Switch is monthly-ish event at the Switchyard Studios in Portland OR, where poets, visual artists and musicians showcase their work in celebration of our great artistic community. Jeremy Okai Davis curates the art, while Paul G. Maziar curates the readings, and the music selection is a mutual effort. Hopworks Brewery has been kind enough to donate kegs of beer to the events, and the curators also provide wine and snacks.
Location: Switchyard Studios, 109 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR 97214
Past Performers: Hoa Nguyen, Jesse Morse, Zach Schomburg, Jesse Lichtenstein, Michael Zeiss, Julian T. Brolaski, Lisa Ciccarello, James Yeary, Lindsay Hill.

Website: The Switch Reading Series

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The Tangent Reading Series

Tangent Reading Series, Portland logoHosts: Jules Boykoff, Rodney Koeneke and Kaia Sand
Contact: Rodney Koeneke (rodney.koeneke@gmail.com)
Description: The Tangent Reading Series has been bringing visiting poets together with writers from Portland’s growing literary since 2006. Co-curated by Jules Boykoff, Rodney Koeneke, and Kaia Sand, we host 4-5 readings a year. You can find a complete list of our events to date here. Free event.
Location: Open Space Cafe, 2815 SE Holgate (@ 28th Ave), Portland, OR 97202 (503) 233-6736
Past Performers: B.T. Shaw, David Wolach, Rachel Zolf, Kevin Sampsell, Mark Wallace, K. Lorraine Graham, Jake Buffy, Brandon Downing, Reg Johanson.

Website: The Tangent Reading Series

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3 Friends Mondays Reading Series

3 Friends Mondays Series, Portland logoHosts: Melissa Sillitoe
Contact: Show and Tell Events (showandtellevents@gmail.com)
Description: Three Friends Mondays happens every Monday at 7 p.m., when three talented friends put together a combination of music, poetry, comedy, and/or live art to present a performance for you. Every Monday is unique, and we sometimes even bring strangers together to collaborate creatively. Poets, singers, cellists, bluegrass guitarists, comedy sketch groups, bands, and painters have all graced the stage, and there are always sweet surprises! Followed at 8 p.m. by the Show and Tell Open Mic. There is no cover charge.
Location: Three Friends Coffee House, 201 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
Past Performers: Amy Harper, Nicholas Karavatos, Jeff Kelley, rick j, Ro Deezy.

Website: Three Friends Mondays Reading Series

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SW Southwest Portland Reading Series

The Portland Review: Hosted Readings and Publication Parties

Portland Review, PDX logoHosts: Current Editor, Jacqueline Treiber
Contact: Editor (theportlandreview@gmail.com)
Description: The Portland Review has published exceptional short prose and poetry since 1956. We seek work that is daring, innovative and playful. The Review publishes new and established authors and artists while maintaining strict editorial standards. Since our founding we’ve included Ursula Le Guin, Brian Turner, Valzhyna Mort, Yusef Komunyakaa, Charles Bukowski, Kevin Sampsell, and Keith Flynn in our pages.

Location: Portland State University, Smith Memorial Union, 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201
Past Performers: Mindy Netifee, Carrie Seitzinger, Matty Byloos.

Website: The Portland Review

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NW Northwest Portland Reading Series

Portland Poetry Slam

Portland Poetry SlamHosts: Eirean Bradley
Contact: General Inquiries (portlandpoetryslam@gmail.com)
Description: Portland Poetry Slam is dedicated to featuring the very best in slam style poetry, together with a competitive open mic. The event happens every single Sunday at Backspace, with doors opening at 7:30 pm. The event is always all ages and usually features a musical guest, as well as a house band. Additionally, the Portland Poetry Slam Team that gets to compete in the national event every year is selected from Sunday competitive performances at this venue.
Location: Backspace Cafe, 115 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97209 (503.248.2900)
Past Performers: Panama Soweto, Jen Rinaldi, Derrick C. Brown, Tara Hardy, Mike McGee, Brian Ellis, Matthew Cuban Hernandez, Denise Jolly.

Website: Portland Poetry Slam

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N North Portland Reading Series

Loggernaut Reading Series

Loggernaut Reading Series, Portland logoHosts: Erin Ergenbright and Jesse Lichtenstein
Contact: General Inquiries (log@loggernaut.org)
Description: Founded in 2005, the Loggernaut Reading Series brings together excellent writers working across various genres to share their work for an evening. To find out about recent and upcoming events — and to read our author interviews — visit loggernaut.org.
Location: Ristretto Roasters, 3808 N. Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon 97227
Past Performers: Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Peter Mountford, David Wolman, Carrie Brownstein, Suzanne Burns, Matthew Dickman, Emily Kendal Frey, Barry Sanders.

Website: Loggernaut Reading Series

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Spare Room Reading Series

Spare Room Reading Series, Portland logoHosts: Currently the collective members are James Yeary, Sam Lohmann, Maryrose Larkin, Endi Bogue Hartigan, Jen Coleman and David Abel.
Contact: General Inquiries (spareroom@flim.com)
Description: The Spare Room reading series was founded as a collective early in 2002, and in nine years has presented 140 public events focusing on innovative and experimental writing in a variety of venues. In addition to a monthly reading that typically pairs local poets with out-of-towners, Spare Room has sponsored annual festivals devoted to collaborative and intermedia work, including sound poetry and neo-benshi, and marathon readings of book-length works by Bernadette Mayer, Gertrude Stein, Ted Berrigan, H.D., Clark Coolidge and Charles Olson. $5 suggested donation.
Location: The Waypost, 3120 N. Williams Ave. 503-367-3182 and a second location: The Open Space Cafe, 2815 SE Holgate Blvd.
Past Performers: Geoffrey G. O’Brien & Michael Weaver; Barbara Henning & Will Owen; Susan Schultz & Donald Dunbar; Cedar Sigo & Maryrose Larkin; Kristen Gallagher & Chris Alexander; Meredith Blankinship & Deborah Poe.

Website: Spare Room Reading Series

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Smorg Reading Series

Smorg Reading Series, Portland logoHosts: Jesse Morse
Contact: Jesse (poetmorse@yahoo.com)
Description: Smorg takes place in the heart of North Portland, at the Waypost on Williams Ave. Readings vary greatly. Think Eileen Myles, or the Portland Haiku Club. At times, music and lectures accompany the readings. Smorg is short for smorgasbord; as in, a wide selection of items to choose from. Take what you like most, 4 to 6 times a year.
Location: The Waypost, 3120 N. Williams Ave. 503-367-3182
Past Performers: Emily Kendal Frey, Eileen Myles, Zach Schomburg, Richard Froude, Erik Anderson, Paul G. Maziar, Phoebe Wayne, Erik Noonan, Christina Fisher, Justin Ready.

Website: Smorg Reading Series

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